Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cheap scuba diving and cooking classes in Bali

An exemplary Balinese cheap diving shit hole proudly displaying PADI logo

Bad news:
Price of decent and safe diving includes also time, knowledge, dedication and money professionals put in their dive operations. And if you are looking for professionalism, safety and pleasure you will simply have to say goodbye to some of your beloved euros or dollars.
Good news:
If you are absolutely positive you do not need and/or want professionals, reliable equipment and safety you can save up dramatically on diving prices. Blind eye of local government and PADI allows for a boom of dirt cheap, fake PADI dive traps in our area.
You simply have to disregard some really not important things, as for instance:
- oxygen first aid kit
- pure air filtering system
- dive professionals who are still members of reputable dive training organizations
- equipment maintained by a certified professional
- some basic knowledge of scuba diving
Who will pay for all this shit nobody really needs?!
And who cares about all these anyhow?
If you are trying to be a winner of another Darwin award, this is an excellent way to start.
What you should avoid at any cost if you want to save for a couple of extra beers?
a) genuine PADI resorts found on PADI web pages – some of them take safety too seriously
b) dive centers run according to ISO standards
c) dive centers where they require your diving licenses and logbooks
d) and of course dive safety Nazis who use a nice part of your beloved money for your safety
Thanks God, those terrible, restrictive, professionally run, safety conscious establishments are in Pemuteran more rare than decent coffee shops in England.
And there are plenty of fantastic possibilities for those looking for very, very cheap and very exciting adventures. All brilliantly clever self taught economists (OK, a little tightfisted, when it comes to their own well-being) will get exactly what they are looking for.
And, dear funny divers, please keep in mind dive shop is a dive shop – only prices are different.
Same goes for choosing your dentist.
A dentist in U.S. of A. charging 190 US$ for a service is a dentist.
And a dentist on a street in Calcutta, India charging 3 US$ for the same service is a dentist.
Even the most notorious competitors for Darwin award like to think they are not trading their health and life for a few dollars difference.
Right to believe in illusions is universal.


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