Thursday, April 24, 2014



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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ethics in Diving Business

I used to clean windows at the authorized PADI dive resort ...

Getting a temporary job at McDonald’s, PADI or General Dynamics is not exactly the same as being the owner of the same business.
It is important how you use marketing tools when presenting yourself and your own business. It's so easy to use tricks to attract attention, however, these same tricks can bite you in your ass.
Would you trust a guy who is trying to mislead you, trick you, deceive you - to be your chosen dive operator?

a) no, as ethic principles are essential in this business
b) no, cheating in any way and diving is not a good mixture
c) no, thank you
d) no way

Therefore it's rather important also how we approach our internet marketing. By using half truths, tools that are on the border of legal (or on the other side), implying to our potential customers we or our business are something different from what we are – this is all an absolute no go.
In any business, in diving business even more, we have to trust each other fully.

On the other hand, there is even some advantage of sleazy “marketing” techniques also for customers searching for information.
If you are searching for a fine diving operator such as a PADI dive resort, and see among top results “Tauchen Plonge PADI Bali – me give you good dive...”, probably some warning bells will sound. Yes, you are right, guy is just trying to get you to his miserable dive shack and of course he has nothing to do with a real PADI dive shop.

You also have to understand why somebody would risk to be seen as a trickster. As this can be really counterproductive in long term for him. Or even in short term.
Number one reason is usually inability to establish a recognized and respected name of his own business. And a good portion of greed. And moral standards at absolute zero.
So he feels there is no other option than hijacking another recognized and respectable business name to catch some customers.

My dear, young (and not so young) diving colleagues, when trying to keep your business above the water please keep this on mind.
In whatever form you present yourself and your business, always stick to the truth. I mean the truth. Not half truth. Not omitted truth. The truth.
If it's not in your favor today (you have just started, you haven't got enough experience), so what? Replace it with your enthusiasm and experience will be there as time moves.
Recognition and respect will come. If deserved.
Never, ever use any unethical “shortcuts”, stain of sleaziness you can not wash away so easily.

And for old sinners:
Go forth and sin no more.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nuclear Kitchen

Goodyear rating: 5 meteors

What do we get if, for instance, Mediterranean and South East Asian cuisine marry and decide to have offspring?

spring rolls

b) nuclear kitchen
c) a dozen of gaping rednecks staring at the dish
d) fusion cuisine

Well, spring rolls have nothing to do with your rolling activities with a willing neighbor on a spring bed.
If you have to look up in wikipedia what the hell cooking and kitchen means – yeah, then b is the answer.
If your idea of a faraway cuisine is what a guy at the far end of your village is cooking, probably the answer is c.
However, if the story is an old fashioned love story – then d is the answer.

It's rather helpful if you can figure out what is compatible and what not before you start to mix – things, people, food or ideas.
For instance, if you try to combine both a Balinese habit of attending all of the 432 full day ceremonies every year and Western rat race mania into your lifestyle the result can be frowned upon. And you can end up in a special institution.
If you allow that Asian way of life adds a moderate dose of self reflection and a slightly different point of view into the hectic Western life it can be simply refreshing.

Same goes for culinary achievements. Or disasters.
Mixing for mixing sake, to show to our peers how open minded we are, well, results are rarely worth the effort.
However, adding a whiff of hot stuff to sometimes too bland Western food can be pleasantly piquant. And if you at the same time replace the traditional Asian coconut oil with Mediterranean olive oil, this can open the gates to delicious fusion cuisine. If you substitute Western green beans with a more tasteful wild Asian cousin, add some lemon grass, a pinch of … and it can easily happen all you have to do is invent the name for a new culinary masterpiece.

In case visualization, contemplation of tastes, dreaming of the results is above your kitchen abilities – put a cup of water with a spoonful of Nescafe into your microwave oven and enjoy a true nuclear delight.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Food Safety in Bali

Left or right?

Maybe you prefer to live on the edge when exploring the world, maybe your favorite pastime is Russian roulette. However, it makes sense to get at least an idea what you will be exposed to, before switching from trusted and safe Power Bars to dangerous local food.
International research results show that any food you will eat in Bali and will not kill you is safe.



As a true snake eater you can take a swig of Jack Daniels, say a quick prayer, cross your fingers and pay a visit to a restaurant as the one on the right side of the photo.
Our researchers asked some prominent Balinese chefs to describe these dishes. Needless to say, locals are going after these specialties as Dracula after garlic bread.

Guacamole: is the famous Dutch dish, namely fried scrapings from garbage bins – must be good for tourists.
Pepes: medieval Canadian dish based on the famous Canadian banana leaves – must be good for tourists.
Wiener: named after a French province, meat left-overs with sugar coated boiled onion – must be good for tourists.
Gordon Blue: Australian specialty for all the overhang, sad and blue travelers – must be good for tourists.

And now take a look on a wild side (left).

Nasi goreng: fried rice, vegetables, chili, chicken (in traces).
Nasi campur: plain rice with assorted spices, vegetables, egg, fish, shredded coconut.
Gado gado: rice cooked in banana leaves with peanut sauce.
Rujak: slices of pineapple, cucumber, banana etc served with a thick sauce made from palm sugar, pinch of salt and chili.

In a nutshell, enjoying exotic Balinese cuisine in Bali and exotic homemade Western dishes while vacationing in Europe sounds as a good recipe for me.