Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alternative treatments in Bali

Oh, my guru, please take my money and credit cards and be my healer...

Do you know how full your body is of billions of known and unknown toxins? Are you aware of all the diseases destroying you right now, when you are reading this post? You have the slightest idea how your chakras are wretched?

a) stop in Ubud, Bali, at any detox center
b) for undiscovered diseases of yours visit next door alternative healer
c) and at the corner you will find chakra alignment specialist
d) or go for a papaya juice and fried rice

Options a, b and c are based on “discovering” horrible problems pestering you without you noticing them. And demented and greedy scientists (namely medical doctors) can not confirm them (or doesn't want to confirm them because of global conspiracy). Diagnosing at holistic gurus will cost you only about one third of what proposed absolutely vital treatment will cost you.

Does it remind you of some practices blooming for decades in the West? Yes, Balinese alternative healings are imported from the West. Just in last couple of years western investors expanded this holistic “indigenous” business in Bali really nicely.
Number of tourists willing to part with their money for finally finding somebody to understand them, confirm their suspicions they have no other problems but serious medical conditions which needed to be treated properly is increasing.
And in mysterious surroundings of Bali, this works even better than in the West.
For operators of these businesses.

Let's take a look what is the main trigger for our well (or not well) being? What triggers onset and causes development of many diseases?
Our state of mind.
If you mentally feel good, if you are generally accepting and satisfied with whatever life is bringing on your path, in that case your minor ailments you simply do not notice, your immune system is at top power – you can say, yeah, I feel good.
If you feel down because your boss doesn't understand you, your partner is not listening to you, world is not treating you nicely... then you will focus on every tiniest deficiency of your body. Your immune system will loose some of it's power – and here we go...

If your state of mind is in need for some repair work, you can pay dearly for the first three options. You'll get all the understanding you crave for and it will help you temporarily.
When you earn some more money you should get back to healers – don't forget they need your money as badly as you need their understanding!
Or you use option d, do something for yourself, chat, discuss, debate with anybody you find interesting – and result will be about the same. Only total damage to your bank account will be just a fraction of previous alternative...:)

Detox yourself with a walk in the woods, send unwanted diseases out of your body by exhaling them into outer space, align your chakras with a vibrant discussion with a friend – and use the saved money for your small pleasures...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do you have to scuba dive?

Or you simply love to scuba dive?

More and more people are developing an urge to explore environment reserved just a few decades ago for a very few explorers and rich adventurers...
And this fantastic activity is becoming available to most of us.
Yet, there are some people who simply hate the idea of being submerged bellow the surface.
What are basic reasons to say “Yes, yes, I want to dive!!!”
And basic reasons to say “No, thank you.”

a) you love water, independence, levitation, new dimensions, freedom
b) you want that feeling of pure pleasure when gliding through blue
c) you have to follow your partner
d) you want to impress yourself by impressing others
Out there, there is a huge group of people who would choose a and b as the answer. They are just waiting for the opportunity to try, start with scuba diving. And our role, as scuba instructors, is to lead them on this path safely, with knowledge, patience, humor...
I am willing to do my really best to show you the wonders of this new dimension... patiently, slowly, at your own pace...

However, through the last years, more and more people who definitely belong into the groups c or d are somehow unable to say “No, thank you!”. Of course it takes some personal courage to decline something your peers are pushing you into. But amount of courage to decline something you don't like is not so high. A minimum of self confidence and a real minimum of courage would be enough.
For whatever reason, those basic qualities are more and more reduced to nonexistence.
In way too many cases.

I couldn't care less if you can not say “No.” to offered foul smelling, foul looking but very healthy vegetable smoothie...:)
However, when it comes to scuba diving and I see you are scared shitless when trying to get bellow the surface – and I figure out the reasons you decided for this activity are deadly wrong – then I become slightly pissed off...

A really serious plea.
If you are a seasoned diver looking for some more dives, or you would just love to learn to dive, or you simply enjoy in magic of diving, or you want to upgrade your skills, even if you are a touch nervous when starting...; you are more than welcome.
However, if you shrink just at the thought of being submerged into the water, you simply say “No, thank you”.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Working hard on this subject...

What are our priorities?
How they rank?
a) to earn for our living
b) to pay our bills
c) to work hard and a little more for some extra luxury
d) to live our lives
As priorities are already in proper order, and top three priorities require more and more of our energy, it's quite normal we hardly, if ever, get to priority d.
This is how reality works.
It's interesting how many people still claim answer d should be our top priority.
I would put answer d on top as well.
There is just a small problem. After I finally put the really important priority on top, I have to put it on a back burner, just for a while, as I have to start working, to earn for my “essential” needs... And, as my needs exceed my income for 15%, I have to work a little more. So, my real top priority will have to wait a little longer...
Time to ask myself, how come, that whatever my income is, my needs always exceed it for 15%?
A dangling-carrot-donkey virus?
Fact is, this phenomenon works same for people with monthly income of 100 dollars, 1000 dollars, 5000 dollars... It's not a question of absolute income, it's simply a fact whatever income a person has is 15% short of his needs.
So, on rational part I'm fully aware, that even if I work more, earn more, I'll be always 15% bellow the target.
Over and over again I still simply try to catch this target.
Not my gut feeling, nor my ratio can not make me slow down, catch my breathe and try to notice the life passing by.
Any similarity with a dangling carrot in front of a donkey is just for easier understanding.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dream chasers

Where nobody has dived before...

Doesn't really matter. Are you the first or not. Are you from a group of “been there, done that” adventurers. If you want to fill yourself with serenity. If you are just enhancing pleasures of your life...
What matters is, are you willing to follow your dreams?
a) life is meant for hard working and not following the dreams
b) better to sacrifice dreams and be more productive
c) success is based on reality and not on dreams
d) chasing the dreams and rainbow is success on its own
Three options to choose from for our nightmares.
And an option for our dreams.
Not just in diving, holidaying, partnering – in every aspect of our lives.
Imagine you do for living what you would love to do in your free time. Suddenly you live of something from what you were paying for before to do it.
Problem with wise advices like this is if you have no clue what you would love to do in the first place.
Sounds stupid?
I think not. Most things many people claim they love to do are based on what society expects them to do in their leisure time. When you do these things you show the society you can afford them, you are capable of doing them, and of course, you immensely enjoy doing this.
Would you happen to know somebody who is most happy in his garden, sipping coffee, reading an old book, and he buys expensive ticket to travel half the world away from his comfort?
Explorer? Searcher of the holly grail of the final truth? Barefoot doctor? Pleasing the partner? Just letting know his circle I can do it? Who knows...
Somehow I wouldn't advise this person to become a full time correspondent for Lonely Planet and fulfill the dreams. Even if he swears in writing, traveling is my dream come true.
We should really take a good, good look, deep inside of us, to see what we are craving for. Keyword is we, not our society.
And then, however bizarre it can be, this is our real wish, dream, desire...
From this point on I would say, go, go after it :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Astrology in Bali

I can see you... I can see your future...

As we are not yet sure how the strong occasional winds are moving the stars and planets, it's very difficult to predict your future from the position of the stars and planets only.
What other tools we use for our state of the art future-telling consultancy business?
a) as chicken entrails we use for soup, this option is out
b) as crystal balls (specially Swarovski) are too expensive, this option is also almost out
c) magical movement of your cash towards my pocket gives excellent results
d) your black credit card is another fantastic tool
Basically we have some minor problems only with short term future predictions. However, most important, let's say, key issues, are very exact even in our short term predictions. Even our short term predictions are 99% accurate!
We did some sample future-telling for a Balinese guy Wayan Moongazer.
Our experts could clearly see he will do no shoveling of snow in next three winters. We did this expertise in 2009 and until end of 2012 he really didn't shovel any snow.
One of our future-telling experts even notarized the prediction for this same Balinese, that in three years time he will become three years older.
Even this really farfetched prediction came true.
However, our long term predictions for individuals (if we can use appropriate tools, of course) are infallible.
In short terms, up to 100 years, even our expert analysis can produce some hiccups and glitches now and then.
For longer term, which is definitely much more important, our analysis are 100%.
Free sample long term prediction for you: You will die.
Some really mean readers would start to think I'm mocking all future-telling business.
Not really, just the business part of this.
You can not just predict your future. You can even help creating it.
No staring in the tea leaves, no readings of broken bones, even no searching on google.
As today people want instructions for anything, and I'm in a good mood today, here is your personal instructions manual:
Go to your favorite lake, river, ocean front, mountain view, forest, park...
Do nothing for an hour.
Soak in your favorite place.
Allow ideas about your future to rise.
Allow them to become visible.
To become clear.
To become true.
Yes. You need few things to get them moving:
Time. Changes. Efforts.
But it's your future there.