Thursday, May 17, 2012

The art of SCUBA diving

Diving in Bali, Pemuteran

Try to pick what determines SCUBA diving and SCUBA divers.

a)      learning how to survive (with flailing arms and bulging eyes) exposure to hostile liquid environment
b)      filling the check boxes for new destinations and new fishes you must see
c)      collecting diving licenses and bragging about it
d)     a pleasure of extreme adrenaline activity

So called divers, who would pick the above answers as suitable, are about as far from diving as an average New York’ cockroach is from becoming next president of the USA.

SCUBA diving is a fusion of poetry, philosophy, perception, feelings – life itself in a fullest meaning.
It takes you to the four dimensional path meandering towards freedom. When the fifth dimension of Freedom touches your heart you become a Diver.

You are returning to times when you were safe in a liquid environment of your mother’s womb, you are returning to times when your not so bright ancestors, eons ago, decided to crawl out of the sea.
You reach out to faraway times beyond some distant horizons.
You master when and how to stop, when to take a shortcut, when a detour…
You abandon perception of time as a line leading from the past through now into the future. You see the time is just another universe worth exploring.

Your mind, soul and heart are open. You are able to immerse, to see below the surface – not just when diving,..
You may find a buddy with whom you will bond. Buddy may stay or stray. However, trust, companionship, respect, rainbow… are timeless.

Your personal bushido may change a lot. Your telling right from wrong may become extremely strange to majority. You may be called renegade, hard core individualist, ocean cowboy, ronin of 21st century, absolute loser…
Who cares?
What you experience on this path is worth way, way more.

This is a part of my path.
e-path…….not found….:)


  1. Holy cow! And I was about to pick b answer.
    Nonetheless, nicely written.
    True, very true...

    1. It seems answer b can be a temporary temptation even for the founders of Zen Diving :)

  2. I definitely have check boxes for destinations and fishes :)