Thursday, June 20, 2013


Oh, my benefactor, I'll praise you in my article...

What are major hardships of investigative reporting? Either from fancy spa in Europe, a fantastic ski resort in Switzerland, or an exotic dive destination...

a) frantic emailing, texting, calling for free accommodations, free dinners, free...
b) negotiating with the owners of businesses for more and more benefits
c) twisting serene, leisure activities into attractive wild stories
d) trying to get a fair picture to present it to readers

Type d journalists are a little more rare than dodo.
Type a, b and c journalists are a little more densely populated than rabbits in Australia.

But what's the difference between paid ads and a reportage if journalists are paid by businesses that are willing to pay?
There must be some difference.
I'm just not able to pinpoint it.

For ads you pay to the account of the magazine, for a reportage you pay to journalist directly. With free this, free that... More freebies, better is your business.

Readers can rely on this published articles as every reporter will very carefully and objectively evaluate the value of received free services and his report will be objective to the maximum.
For instance if a journalist receives a free coffee, this coffee will be praised. On the other hand, if he will be asked to pay for a cake, this cake he will mention as a totally overpriced. So, business owners please pay attention for what elements of your business you would like to get high marks.
Journalists' objectivity and integrity you can not fool.

Advice for business owners.
Increase the prices of your mediocre business for 5 to 10%. Use this extra income for supporting investigative journalists. Articles about your fantastic, unique business will attract more and more customers.
Looks like a textbook win win case both for business owners and for journalists.

True, but what about the readers, customers; all these naïve, trusting souls...?

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