Friday, June 26, 2015

Dedicated to You

Easy Divers Bali Exploring

What have I been up to lately? No posts. No signs of life. No FB or blog ejaculations to further inflate my already-inflated ego. Not even a stupid photo telling the world that I am where they can only dream to be. Maybe I have met my e-death? Maybe I have joined e-addicts anonymous?

As they say, the truth is out there. Below the surface of the ocean. And some other places as well. You can find it under the shower. In the office. In the bedroom. Sometimes it's in the fridge.

With this post I would like to explain why I have not been posting for the last few months, and why I'll be posting even less frequently in the coming months.

Scuba diving is scuba diving.
It is not paper-pushing. It is not selling plastic dive certificates. It is not catching naïve victims and throwing them into the water. It is not promoting your scuba kingdom. It is not running around like the proverbial pinhead yelling “What's the price for the Island?” It is not posting every demented flash occurring between your ears.
It is just scuba diving.
Following a steep white slope leading into a deep blue-gray eternity. Diving for the sake of diving. Discovering yourself. Diving when your soul needs a dive. Experiencing absolute freedom, blue love and total control at the same time.
If you are a Dive-Heart, you understand this. If you are a Bubblemaker-Heart, you don't. Plastic in your pocket telling the world that you are an Instructor or an Open Water diver, is just that. Plastic.

Mazi, our aristo-cat and philosophical guru, says that on our days off, we should do something for our souls. Take a boat, go find an unexplored reef, and once in a while, you find gold.
And that is what we did.

Easy Divers Explorers
A bunch of explorers hit the jackpot. Zana, Rafi and I descended onto Rafianto Reef, a fantasy dive site for muck, sand, coral and pure diving addicts. The same gang also landed on Cyborg Turtle Reef. Maybe you have already seen this reef – in your wet diving dreams.

A few days later, a surprise visit by my very special old friends formed a new crew. We decided to cancel a business meeting, and instead, Rafi, Amy, Arik and I made a spontaneous visit to Wild Park Reef. If I told you how long we lingered below the surface on explorations of this reef, you would get decompression sickness.

Now we will hit the final truth. Does this business model only work for a way-too-laid-back and eccentric diver, or can you really run a successful dive business this way?
Well, a diving business without deep passion is like pasta aglio prawn without parmigiano.
In the days when we were not burning through money but rather earning it, we patiently and safely guided absolute beginners as they took their first steps into the blue.
At the same time, experienced Dive-Hearts praised our professionalism, friendliness and sense of adventure.
Holiday divers were equally impressed.
Because we tried so hard to impress our guests?
They simply sensed the vibrations of our feelings, and we gladly shared our glowing passion with them.
Can you copy this business model?
But you can live it.

My love and my thanks to Rafi, Zana, Heri, Arik, Amy and all of you, my true Dive-Hearts.


  1. Dušan, I've missed your blogs :) I've been around New Zealand for six months and now I'm back in Slovenia. Learned so much about myself there it's insane. Probably more than last few years combined. This is what happens when you travel - you discover yourself, just like you wrote what diving does for you. Hopefully you will write more, I just love reading your view of the world. It brings back the memories when we were standing in front of your house at 4 am and all the following days :)
    Stayer muslim Alen ;)

  2. Hi Alen,
    As there is time for posting, there is also time to live the life.
    To keep my life in balance I'm now focusing on the other half of the rule.
    I hope this is good enough excuse. ;)

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