Thursday, November 22, 2012


Do you want to see what's beneath the surface?

Is it illegal or just e-socially unacceptable to deeply immerse into anything?
Immerse so deeply you forget for the time being about shopping, politics, your ex, your future, work...
a) not exactly, however, your controllers are definitely not pleased with you
b) ideas to immerse in a book, walk with a friend, under the water are becoming rather alien
c) total immersion can open your mind and you will be ostracized from e-reality
d) it can make you feel a human (absolute mortal e-sin)

To exorcize ideas from a to d you are welcome to immerse into a shopping spree, political discussions, talking without saying anything...
Immerse into skimming the surface.
Remember: just the surface.
Of life, feelings, thoughts, believes...
An interesting new religion.
Some renegades call it a slaughterhouse of the souls.
However, if you prefer less crowded places, join the limited membership club where people are not yet e-people, where people still share laughs, feelings, jokes, wisdoms, ice creams, silence...
We can really indulge in immersion.
These immersions are not limited just bellow the surface of blue waters.
Immersing in our old friends (or newly met friends), immersing in new surroundings, immersing in hellishly hot chilli sauce, immersing in tranquility, immersing in the soul of blue planet and purging all the ballast from our overloaded minds.

For such a rainbow dive trips we do not need photos for memory.

They become part of our souls.

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